featured drinks 

Specialty Latte 6

Spanish 6
cardamom, rose, jasmin

Cardamom 6
with housemade cardamom syrup

Rose 6
with white tea rose melange


Jasmine 6
with moonlight jasmine


Espresso Tonic 6
single origin espresso, fever tree tonic, citrus

iced coffee

Cold Brew 5

Nitro Cold Brew 5

Nitro Matcha 5


Alpha Blend Espresso 3,5 
brazil & ethiopia: chocolate, strawberry, lavender, marzipan

Single Origin Espresso 4,5
ethiopia misty valley: blueberry cheesecake, lemonade, apricot, chocolate, hibiscus

Decaf Espresso 3,5 
decaf colombia huila: chocolate, molasses, cherry, vanilla

Americano 3,5

Macchiato 4

Cortado 4,5

Cappuccino 4,5

Café Latte 5

Café Mocha 6

Spanish Latte 6

Pourover Coffee

Single Origin Ethiopia Gute Sodu 5  
blueberry cheesecake, chocolate, lemonade, hibiscus

Single Origin Sumatra Tano Batak 4,5 
melon, strawberry, fresh tobacco, pecan, chocolate


Oat Milk + 1

Almond Milk + 1

Loose Leaf Teas (RISHI)

Hot or Iced

Black Tea 4
earl grey supreme 
earl grey lavender 
english breakfast

Green Tea 4

 matcha genmaicha
jasmine greem 
green tea Jade cloud
maghreb mint

White Tea 4
silver needles 

Oolong 4
jade oolong

vanilla mint chai



Spicy Masala Chai 6

Golden Turmeric Chai 6

Foraged Chaga Chai 6

Vanilla Mint Chai 6

Botanical Blends

Caffeine Free

Turmeric Ginger 4,5

Omija Berry Blush 4,5

Blueberry Rooibos 4,5

Saffron Bitters 4,5

Patagonia Wild Guava 4,5

Golden chamomile 4,5

Cinnamon Plum 4,5

Hibiscus 4,5

Signature Beverages

Screaming Eagle 6

Omija Blossom 6

Matcha Rose Latte 6

Blue Moon Matcha Milk Tea 6

Earl Grey Lavender Latte 6


Flora Tea

Lily Fairy 7

Flower Lover 7

Jasmine With Love 7

Oriental Beauty 7

Aromatic Mayflower 7

Flying Snow 7

Heart’s Desire 7

Summer Love 7